Faux Marble

Faux Marble can be applied to just about any surface, is water-resistant, and adds an elegance that can’t be matched with traditional paint.

Swirl Dip

Most objects can be easily swirl dipped. A few of my projects include motorcycles, pool cues, tumblers, and more. Create a faux marble look in any color.

Faux Wood

If you have boring white surfaces, faux wood can be easily applied. This can be easily done with exterior doors and garage doors.

Custom Faux Finishes

Ocala Faux Finish LLC is located in Ocala, FL and was founded in 2012. Since its conception, its owner, Thomas Wernz, has honed his craft in creating some of the most natural faux marble surfaces you can find. His work has previously been featured in local publications, such as Ocala Style.

Faux Marble surfaces can be applied via a number of different techniques, each with their own benefits and methods. Varnishing colors into a Venetian plaster and swirl dipping are two of the major techniques used to create beautiful, natural results.

Next Steps…

Estimates are ALWAYS free. So why not give us a call today, and schedule a time when I can come meet you and discuss your project.

You can reach Thomas Wernz, on his cell, (352) 875-7670, to schedule your free estimate today.

All images contained on this website represent the custom work done by Thomas Wernz, Owner of Ocala Faux Finish, LLC.